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Club 226, also known as The Green Mill, was a popular speakeasy run by Al Capone during the Prohibition era. Known for its lively atmosphere, live music, and illegal activities, it was a spot for both the elite and criminal underworld in Chicago. Famous for its secret tunnels and hidden rooms, it remained popular despite police raids and attempts to shut it down. Today, it's a popular spot for jazz music and a historic landmark in Chicago.



  • Top – citrus
  • Middle –florals
  • Bottom - cedar, sandalwood, musk

Club 226 Candle 490ml

  • Our candles are 100% premium non-GMO soy wax and pesticide free. This sets us apart from other soy candles as 97% of soy has been genetically modified and contain pesticides to yield larger crops. We feel our customers deserve the cleanest burning candles possible, that's why we chose a premium wax for our candles, even if it cost just a little bit more.

    The scents used are of the highest quality and formulated specifically for candles. Some have asked "Why do you not use essential oils?" The reason is that there have been absolutely no test studies done on how safe they are in candles. We have turned to the experts on essential oils, Certified Aromatherapist. These people have gone to school for years to learn all there is to know about essential oils. They have all said the same thing, "Essential oils should never be heated as they will turn toxic!" So, this is why we have decided to what until there has been more testing done to see what the effects of essential oils burned in candles are.

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